It all started with my mom. As a little girl she introduced me to her amazing boudoir, full of earrings. I remember longing for the day I would have my ears pierced, so I could dig into her treasury. I don’t think she ever counted them, but she has hundreds of pairs and at that time I never thought this to be quaint. It was only later I realised what an amazing collection she has. 

Today I realise how much I’m like her, and how she passed on her love for jewelry to me. I realise how it never takes me more than some months to be known somewhere as ‘the girl with the funny earrings’. And at some point I realised I own quite a collection of my own now.

One day this question popped up in my head: could I fill every day of the year with another pair of earrings? And here we are. I don’t think I can fill 365 days with my own earrings, but combined with my mom’s and some special specimens of my many girlfriends it should be possible. Challenge accepted. So here we are. Get ready for 365 days of earrings, and more importantly, their stories. En garde!

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